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NASCAR: Time Lapse Redux

This past weekend Dave Ellis, the director of photography and I went to Richmond to cover the Heath Calhoun 400. (Check out Dave’s iPhone pix here) We had an ambitious plan in mind – cover the race on deadline but also try and produce a flipbook of the images from the weekend. In addition to that we installed a camera at the top of the track to shoot a frame every five seconds. By the end of two days we had over 6000 images from the remote camera plus another 3-4000 frames between the two of us. On top of that, I discovered a few key pieces of audio were corrupt and unusable so I was scrambling to pull enough clips out to put together a coherent soundtrack. After filing our deadline pictures, I settled in to edit the flipbook together. Very quickly that volume of data overwhelmed both me and my laptop. I got back to my place around 2am and by 5am I had pulled together the track time lapse but I was falling asleep in front of my machine so I cut my losses and posted the original time lapse. Over the past few days I have been doing battle with Final Cut Pro, trying to get this beast together but running into a variety of technical problems. While it isn’t quite as polished as I would like, it was definitely a learning experience with regards to what works and what doesn’t. If nothing else, I’ve got a few ideas about the next time I try something like this. Let me know what you think about this project that works and more importantly, what doesn’t work for you  -Mike Morones

Time Lapse Redux: [youtube][/youtube]

The original time lapse: [youtube][/youtube]

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