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Getting a Box in Softball


I have to admit, I don’t usually like shooting softball and baseball. Not because I don’t enjoy the sport… I grew up playing it and love ballparks. But it is difficult to get a great shot. Covering it takes a lot of focus for all 7 or more innings. You may have been ready with your finger on the shutter for 5 innings, and miss the big play because you sneezed. Or follow the play, but the focus doesn’t lock as fast as you got the lens there, and have a great action shot of the fence behind the ball.

It is always great, however, when they (the coaches/umpires) do us the favor of drawing a box on the sidelines in the field. I love the box. No fence in the way, you’re right on top of the action… It’s exactly what happened last night. I got to the Commonwealth Distrcit game and one of the Mountain View coaches asked, "Hey, do you want a box?" This happens less and less over the years. So a painted line was drawn for me just beyond the dugout on the first base line.

Photographers may still move around outside of the fence, but it is always great to have that box on the field. So as Mountain View slid into home to score the game-winning run, I got the shot from behind the backstop. As Stafford fought in the final inning to get another runner to home, I was able to see it from the field. But as the Wildcats began to celebrate on the field after the big win, that box gave me quick access to get the shot. The score: 3-2.



- Rebecca Sell