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Colonial Beach State Basketball Win

I hadn’t photographed a basketball game in two years. Last year I was on maternity leave and this year the schedule changed a couple of times and missed me on the basketball season. So needless to say I was a bit nervous to shoot the Group A Division I State Basketball between Colonial Beach and Eastern Montgomery. 


As the game started I could feel the excitement in the crowd and it rubbed off on me. I looked through the stands and could see the school’s colors, black and gold everywhere. I think the whole town must have made it to the game. I thought this is what I love about sports, that it brings people together. The reporter, Taft Coghill, told me that this was only the second year that Colonial Beach has competed against other public schools, they had always played against private schools like Quantico.


It was an exciting game. Colonial Beach trailed the first half, but came out the second half fired up. The score stayed close, too close for Colonial Beach coach, Steve Swope, who each time his team was at the free throw line would turn his back not to watch, maybe he’s just superticious or maybe just nervous.


In a nail-biting finish with a 3 point shot by Eastern Montgomery at the buzzer that missed, the Colonial Beach team piled into a heap on the floor, the coach hugged everybody including those die hard fans in the crowd. I overheard him say, “That’s one for the town,” as he left the crowd to gather with his players.


Then the coach picked up team manager, Jarrod Flores – who is disabled- to accept the trophy for the team. He was beaming from ear to ear. I got a few tears in my eyes at that point.


Photographing sports isn’t always my favorite subject, but when the emotion is running so high like it was on Friday night, it really makes me enjoy being there. To see how much this win means– not only to the players and the coach, but to the entire town.


Wow, what a game to cover after a two-year hiatus. 


Suzanne Carr Rossi