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I was assigned to shoot Winterfest, an annual gymnastics meet in Stafford. Gymnastics can be kind of tough for a few reasons. First, high school gyms typically are poorly lit and even if the light is bright, it is even and flat throughout the entire gym, making it pretty uninteresting. Thanks to improvements in digital cameras, you can crank the ISO sensitivity pretty high, negating the need for strobes, which were never allowed anyway. Something about gymnasts falling off of balance beams… The other obstacle is distracting and cluttered backgrounds. It is can tough to find an angle that makes the subject pop out.

I used to think baseball was a slow game but a gymnastics meet was even slower. Thankfully they are efficient and stayed on schedule. Wrestling tournaments tend to run hours behind schedule so I shouldn’t complain! Anyway, here are a few favorites from today. Two of the frames ran in the paper and two I just like – should be pretty easy to tell what made the paper… It was nice to come back with not just a few images that I was happy with but one or two that were nice surprises too. -Mike Morones