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Changing up the Annual Events

Each year some of the same events and type of stories come around: Parades, Decorating, Caroling, Lights.  Doing videos for all of these can get redundant as well, but we’ve tried to change up how some of them are edited together to keep the variety in the coverage.  Doing a less-standard video that is timed to music, showing the process of setting up a holiday village, or showing the entire show of a holiday lights display. 

 How do you show two parades in two minutes and keep it interesting? I did the parades video this year, and tried to time it up with the music to keep it lively.

 Setting up a Christmas Village can be a three-day process.  Robert A. Marting, Ben Fredman and myself each went to take the video, then sped it up to show the amount of time and detail it took to complete.

 Suzanne Carr Rossi and Ben Fredman each went to record the interview and show for the Holiday Lights Winner this year.

 - Rebecca Sell