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Right Side, Right Time

Stafford High School’s Sarah French is swormed by teammates after scoring the game-winning goal yesterday.

Sports can pose challenges for photojournalists. Sometimes, there are certain moments and plays that become the story of the game. The challenge is being at the right place at the right time and making the photograph.

For example, Stafford’s Sarah French scores the game-winning goal to beat Riverbend. Before the goal, it was tied 1-1. In field hockey, it’s difficult to have a good shot of both goals at once. You stand at one end and have a nice shot of one goal, but you are too far away from the other. Both teams were playing well and I knew the game-winning goal could be at eaither side.

Where to go?

In all honesty, I had no real strategy. I don’t know much about field hockey. I simply had a feeling it would be Stafford that would win the game. They seemed to have a bit more momentum. Intuition, luck, or whatever you call it, I was in the right place at the right time…thankfully.

What’s scary is that I could have been on the other side and would’ve had nothing to run under the bold headline INDIANS LIVE ON FRENCH’S GOAL.

Right side, right time. It’s a strange and wonderful job…