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The Trifecta

I spent last weekend immersed in football. A trifecta, if you like. I kicked it off with our game of week, Chancellor vs. Courtland. It was billed as one of the best games of the season between these two cross-county rivals. It certainly didn’t disappoint with lots of action but in the end, my favorite picture was of a Chancellor trainer dumping water on the Cougars following their victory.

The next morning I packed up my gear for a leisurely drive down to Hooville to cover U.Va. take on #18 North Carolina. The game was pretty slow and it looked like the Tar Heels were going to prevail. After nearly four full quarters of lackluster action, I was ready for UNC to end it so I could file my photos and leave. Instead, with less than a minute to go the Cavs tied it up, forcing overtime and making things very interesting. When U.Va. won, the students stormed the field and I hate to admit, I was unprepared and failed to come up with a really special reaction photo. There were a few good action photos but it seemed like a TV guy or a ref always seemed to edge into the frame at the worst time!

When I finally made it home, I was pretty tired and thankful that the Redskins game didn’t start till 4:15 on Sunday. Of course, that meant I was going to late coming home as the Skins are never less than a 12-hour day. My coworker Ben & I packed up and hit the road at noon. If I thought U.Va was a tough game to shoot, the Skins were even worse. It was a lot of running up the middle which typically leads to little of photographic interest. Plus it was a low-scoring game. Not until the third quarter did Portis score Washington’s first TD. Ben was blocked but I was in a good position. Again he went up the middle and I was lucky I got a fairly clear shot. By the time I made it home, I was dead-tired but feeling good about a productive weekend. -Mike Morones


- Mike Morones