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Lifepoint pastor talks about finding God’s dreams for you

Daniel Floyd, senior pastor at Lifepoint Church, has published a book about pursuing God’s vision for your life.
Here is a Q and A with Floyd:
Q: What inspired you to write “Living the Dream?”
The message of this book is what primarily inspired me. I believe the message of Living the Dream relates to such a vast audience and can be helpful to so many people. 
Q. Why did you use the story of Joseph?
I believe that Joseph is one of the most relatable characters in all of scripture. He grows up in a large family, yet dysfunctional in some ways, loved by his father yet hated by his brothers. It’s against this backdrop that God gives Him a dream and it is this dream that causes even greater drama in the family. The dream Joseph received would take him on a journey to the deepest depths of despair and highest heights of success. And it was in that process of God shaping Josephs hearts that He was preparing Him for the fulfillment of his dream which would ultimately take him to the palace of Egypt. 
Q. What do you hope readers will take away from the book?
There are five “promises” so to speak that this book makes to the read. Throughout it pages you will learn to…

Push through uncertainty and move toward purpose

Leverage your current struggles for accelerated progress

Remove self-limitations to ignite your dreams

Exchange fear and insecurity for bold confidence.

Find your place in a greater plan.

Q. How can people find God’s dreams for their lives?
First, believe that God has a dream for them. I believe that the average person may never entertain the thought that God has something great for their lives. And when we don’t consider that truth, our eyes are not open to see the dream. All of us are unlikely candidates for God to use but that is the beauty of how God works. He will choose the most unlikely candidate to accomplish most unlikely task so that He receives the glory! So you must first believe. 
Second, remain faithful in your current season. I have found that God doesn’t reveal the next “thing” until I am faithful in the current “thing” He has given me to do.

Third, embrace the process. Anyone who has accomplished something great can tell you it wasn’t easy. There were many times that giving up looked appealing. However, in order to live your dream you must embrace the process because it’s in the process that God is preparing you to succeed when the dream is placed in your hand.
Q. What’s next for you? And for Lifepoint?
I am sure there will be another book down the road, I am already beginning to think about the direction for that project.

What’s next for Lifepoint is that we are gearing up for a major initiative called Paint the Town Red where we will give thousands of hours of service to our community. We are also working toward the opening of our Central Park Campus. 
You can get order a copy of the book here.