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‘The Hope Guy’

Yes, I’m previewing Monday’s story again.

Just wanted to share some more inspiration from David Bailey, who survived an aggressive brain cancer for 14 years before succumbing Oct. 2. After he was diagnosed with Glioblastoma (brain cancer) in 1996, doctors gave him two years maximum to live. David quit his software engineering job and became a full-time singer/songwriter. He’s traveled the world, and CNN has followed him. The story hasn’t aired yet. Here’s a quote from a 2007 interview David did with a blogger:

When I first started getting out there and performing and doing interviews and such, it used to irk me that everybody wanted to talk about the cancer and I really wanted to talk about the music; which was a bit small-minded of me.

But I’ve learned a lot since then. Truth is, there’s not much unique about music. I mean, anybody can write a song. The story is surviving, and we all want to survive, whether it’s an illness or unemployment or divorce or abuse–deep down, we want to survive. If I can help others do that in some small way, I’m thrilled to do whatever it takes.



  • Sherri Martin

    I got to know the Bailey family when our familes attended Summit Presbyterian Church in Stafford before their lives were turned upside down with his diagnosis. David wrote and recorded a song for me when my husband died in November 2000. My husband was also a singer/guitar player whose music plays on….now they play together again.

    David was, indeed, an inspiration of hope for so many and will be remembered. I also think Leslie is an inspiration – as a woman who walked so courageously along side her husband not only in illness, but in keeping a family going while he traveled the country and the world with his message in music. May God bless her and Kelcey and Cameron as they begin life anew and keep David’s music alive.