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Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan starts tomorrow for Muslims in North America. Faithful Muslims will abstain from food, drink and sex from sunup to sundown for the 30 days of the holy month. Here are some fasting tips:

  • For your predawn meals, eat foods that stay longer in your stomach: complex carbs, like whole wheat, barley, oats, beans and lentils
  • Eat more fiber: whole wheat, dried fruits, vegetables and fresh fruits
  • Make sure both the suhoor and iftar are well-balanced meals with fruis, vegetables, protein and dairy
  • Avoid fried foods
  • Do not overeat during suhoor or iftar
  • Avoid sugar, which will lead to a crash and make you hungry
  • Dates, bananas and almonds are good foods for suhoor and iftar
  • Avoid the heat as much as possible
  • Make sure you get enough sleep

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