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Cizik Returns to Fresh Air

In December 2008, the Rev. Richard Cizik was interviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air. In the interview, the then-vice president for governmental affairs of the National Association of Evangelicals hinted that he voted for Barack Obama and admitted he wasn’t so sure that gays shouldn’t have civil unions.

He was asked to resign.

A year later, Cizik came back with the Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good. And yesterday, the Stafford County resident returned to Fresh Air for another interview. The audio hasn’t been posted to the site yet, but highlights are up.

Here are some (check out the site for more):

On his resignation: But God is bigger than those events that precipitate your departure from that job. I’m not the only only who lost my job in recent days, weeks, years. So recognize it as an opportunity and see how God is going to help you in the future.

On Evangelicalism: Evangelicalism is [seen] today by what it’s against, not what it’s for. And we’re trying to say, we’re for these things. And among those is this command to first and foremost follow Jesus — not the Republican Party or Rush Limbaugh or anyone else, but to follow what the Gospel says.

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