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Sin City in the ‘Burg?

Actually, there’s good news on the sin report: It looks like most area localities score pretty low in a new rating system.  County Sin Rankings shows which national localities score high on a scale of sin. Some of the area numbers seem off, so I’d caution that this is really just for fun. The site looks at community health factors, like unemployment, chlamydia rates, obesity, etc. and ranks them according to the Seven Deadly Sins (pride, greed, envy, wrath, lust, gluttony and sloth).

The site is well-designed and pretty fun. You can compare your county to other counties in the state. A note: When I searched for Spotsylvania or Stafford, the counties didn’t come up. When I put in “22405″ or “22407″ the counties did show up.

The rankings’ graphic renderings show up in green to red to represent the level of sin, green is good and red is bad. Stafford County shows up mainly green, with a yellow-green in high school dropout rates (pride) and orange in obesity (gluttony).  Spotsylvania shows similar rates. Fredericksburg comes in red for income disparity (greed).

The site was created by ForumOne Communications for a design contest. The disclaimer reads:

This website was created in good fun. We don’t really think your county is greedy or slothful. Our goal was show that data can be amusing and engaging while promoting good public health policy.

And Sin City? Not quite so sinful, according to the rankings. Clark County, Nevada is heavily orange. But no red.


  • Ken Knight

    WHY is it pertinent whether or not Fredericksburg ranks as a cit of “sin” anyway? Is Fredericksburg controlled or paid for by Evangelicals who follow the nauseating creed of Christinsanity, or Muslim “clerics ” following the dictums of a “prophet” who didn’t ever exist in the first place??
    NO! Get over it….the only real “deadly” sin is sacrificing one’s own intelligence to the whims of fanatics.

  • Angie

    Uh actually Ken its a BLOG, not a newspaper article, that is written about fun stuff in and about the area. Not everyone is out to get you with their religion and I would say the “deadly” sin here is using your intelligence to condemn others who use a structure for their morals

  • Ken Knight

    I know…I meant that message to the Reporter and not on the public blog here :( What I get for typing too fast.
    I was just saying I thought it was weird reference for my City.

  • Angie

    I will agree it is a strange reference to the City or any other place for that matter!

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  • Sam

    Spotsylvania shows up when searched. Wonder if this is what the money institutions use when they issue County Bond ratings. hahaha

  • rufus

    It’s kinda stupid if it says that Fredericksburg is the “city of greed”. That don’t make sense.

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