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An Important Job

One of the best parts of being a religion reporter is getting to hang out with clergy.  I feel like before I started this job, the faith world was a mysterious place, and clergy didn’t seem like real people to me.  But I’ve come to know them as people who are not only real but who have really hard jobs.

I came across this blog post by author Donald Miller, called Ten Reasons Pastors are Important. He’s talking about preachers, but I feel like his list could apply to all clergy. The whole post is great, but here’s part of the list:

6. They counsel hurting and broken people.

7. They bring the presence of God into the most dark and painful circumstances.

8. Most of them could be making lots more money doing something else, but they sacrifice to build God’s kingdom.

9. They put up with our crap.

10. Because without them the world would be unimaginably dark.

I recommend reading the whole post. Any other ideas you’d add to the list?


  • Fredtastic

    Thanks for posting Amy. I think that his blog is dead on and a good reminder of the sacrifice of the pastors and ministry leaders in our community that help our community in tremendous ways!