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Memory Walk

Did you notice a large group stopping by various downtown churches yesterday? It was a group from Fredericksburg Baptist Church. More than 100 walkers toured 14 historic and religious sites in Fredericksburg. The walk was in honor of the Rev. John Houghton, an area minister who now struggles with Alzheimer’s. Some walkers brought donations for Alzheimer’s support and research. Because of Houghton’s impact on the faith community, the walk stopped by all of the Micah churches and prayed for each congregation and its clergy. The walk also featured some details on Baptist history in the area. In the beginning, Virginia had an official state religion–Anglican, and Baptist preachers were jailed for leading another faith.


  • dennis

    A little clarification: Anglicans and Baptists are not of different faiths – they are both Christian. They are different ecclesiastical bodies within the same faith.

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