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Vick’s Testimony


Michael Vick says he’s found peace. Speaking about his faith publicly for the first time since he got out of jail, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback said that God is now his first priority. Vick said he became a Christian while in high school in Virginia, but that as he became famous for his skills with the pigskin, he lost sight of his faith.

Saturday morning, Vick spoke about his faith to the crowd at the annual Super Bowl Breakfast.

Baptist Press reports:

Speaking publicly for the first time as an adult about his faith in Jesus Christ, Vick said God was again the first priority in his life. He also shared for the first time about the role former Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy played in his restoration with God.

"I feel I’m in the back seat now and God is in the front," Vick told Baptist Press in a post-breakfast interview. "Five months ago I was worried with what was going to happen (with the NFL), but now I’m more at peace. God has taken it over. I don’t have to worry about being dynamic. God is in control of that."

Vick spoke standing beside Dungy before 1,100 fans, in his first-ever retelling of the role faith played in his life at the maximum security prison in Leavenworth, Kansas.

"I wanted a chance to redeem myself," he said. "Pre-incarceration it was all about me. When I got to prison, I realized I couldn’t do it anymore. The one thing I could rely on was my faith in God."

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  • ldbearl

    i believe that their should be a second chance for everyone and that includes micheal vick, i think people should welcome his apology and realize that no one is perfect including celebrities. i believe his faith in god has brought him solace and peace, and only wish him continued success in his life…..