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Bishop Loverde on Upcoming Execution

John Allen Muhammed, one of the DC snipers, is slated for lethal injection Nov. 10. Bishop Paul S. Loverde, of the Arlington Diocese of the Catholic Church, put out this blog in response:

On November 10th, John Allen Muhammad is scheduled for execution in Virginia. As many will recall, Mr. Muhammad orchestrated the 2002 sniper attacks in the Washington metropolitan area — a rampage that left 10 people dead, others wounded and entire communities in shock and fear. To say that these acts are horrific and appalling would be an understatement. Certainly, a person who committed such brutal acts should be punished severely, and many among us would surely desire revenge and would even say that such a person deserves to die for what he did. It is understandable for us — all of us, myself included — to have these reactions, and to be outraged at the way in which innocent lives were so senselessly taken, with their families left to mourn and to ask questions which have no satisfactory answers.

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