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With Apologies

This week’s Faithful Five feature ommitted a word. A single word. But, as it turns out, a very important one. When writing about Pope Benedict’s new encyclical, I left out "opposing" as in "opposing abortion and birth control are good moral choices…"

I cannot apologize enough. Mistakes happen, but this is a biggie. When I realize how completely I’d misrepresented the Pope’s position, I was devastated.

But I also want to let everyone know that–contrary to what many voicemails and messages have suggested–I was not in any way trying to misrepresent the Pope.  

It was a careless but honest mistake and I am truly sorry if it offended people.  

A correction ran in yesterday’s paper, but I wanted to add my apologies. 


  • f4td4ddy

    …surely none of us have ever made such a misteak!

  • JimCline

    very sincere apology and thanks to the FLS for the prominent retractions. Anybody can make a mistake. I was going to suggest that you have an audience with the pope so that he could set the record straight. You do good work.

  • DuBois

    it was pretty funny.

  • MtMav

    No offense taken as it was an obvious omission. Your apology and public acknowlegment of a mistake speaks well of your character. (I’s mak mstaekes all da times).