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God’s 25 Things

Ever wonder what God’s Facebook page would look like? Who’d be on his friends list? Would he friend you?

Well, in time for Passover a Boston computational chemist created a page for God. It’s actually a Hagaddah, the tale of the Jews leaving Egypt that is traditionally told during nightly seders for Passover. You’ve got to know Facebook and Passover to get some of the jokes on the page. But some of it is funny for everyone. 

Some of my favorites: Bernie Madoff comments on a status about building pyramids: "The pyramid scheme is a good concept but you need to think bigger."

God commands the head of Facebook to bring back the old version.

And the best, God apparently submitted to the ubiquitous list of 25 random things:

25 things you didn’t know about me by God

1. Guilty pleasure: Smiting people.

2. I had another universe once, it was so much better than this one. But I got really wasted one night and lost it in a game of craps. :( I’m never doing that again.

3. In my old universe, the really cool one, the dominant species was a race of hyper-intelligent beetles. It was so cool. Unfortunately, when I lost that universe I also lost the beetles-as-master-race patent, so now I have to settle for primates.

4. I picked up this universe at a 50%-off sale. I thought I was getting a bargain. But as soon as I took it out of the box at home, I figured out why: space and time are both a bit bent in places, and most of the mass is missing. I wish I had saved the receipt.