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Who’s Your Hero?

For most Americans, it’s President Barack Obama. He topped the list of a recent survey asking Americans to name their hero. Second place goes to Jesus Christ, third to Martin Luther King Jr.

The rest of the list, in order:

Ronald Reagan

George W. Bush

Abraham Lincoln

John McCain

John F. Kennedy

Chesley Sullenberger

Mother Theresa

The Harris Poll, which conducted the survey, does remind people, "The fact that President Obama is mentioned more often than Jesus Christ should not be misinterpreted. No list was used and nobody was aksed to choose between them."

While only two religious figures show up in the top 10, two more made the top 20.  God is number 11 and Billy Graham is tied with Franklin Delano Roosevelt for 13. 

Sadly, many people lost their heroic bragging rights. Michael Jordan, John Wayne and Pope John Paul all fell off the list. Also, fewer people named their parents as heroes.

Want to be a hero? The top five characteristics are:

Doing what’s right regardless of personal consequences

Not giving up until the goal is accomplished

Doing more than what other people expect of them

Overcoming adversity

Staying level-headed in a crisis.