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Faith and Law & Order

Anyone catch last night’s Law & Order? It was filled with religious references, starting with The site is based on a real one, The site offers a subscription service. For $40, it will store messages to be delivered to your loved ones after the Rapture. Here’s a sample from the site’s FAQs:

Q:With all of the devastation after the Rapture how do you think the emails will be delivered?

A: I do believe that the Internet will be up and running. There may be some localized temporary outages.

Want to know more about the Rapture? Over the holidays, I read a book called "How to Profit from the Coming Rapture: Getting Ahead When You’ve Been Left Behind."

The book comes from the Jewish comedic couple who wrote "How to Raise a Jewish Dog." And the book definitely has a tongue-in-cheek and sometimes sacreligious flavor. But I also learned a lot about Revelation and the Rapture from reading it. It got spooky at parts.