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Cutting Religion Jobs

Looks like the economy is hitting religion. Focus on the Family, James Dobson’s Colorado-based faith group will cut 200 jobs as it faces a $5 million shortfall. The group will half its magazine publications.

And the National Cathedral in Washington will slash its budget by 40 percent and cut more than 40 positions.

The cathedral, which hosts national events such as state funerals, the installation of the Episcopal bishop and the memorial service after the Sept. 11 attacks, is supported by an endowment, private donations and events earnings.



  • msf

    Like every other religious gruop, they are not supposed to get any Federal Funds.. Thank you Thomas Jefferson and the other founding fathers who protected our FREEDOM,,,,So now the investments are off and jobs will have to be cut..that is our Free enterprise at work..Nothing horrible here, just a normal correction.ALL businesses are going through it now….