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Religious Voters

Most religious voters lean toward Barack Obama, a newly released poll found.

The Pew Research Center for People & the Press released a poll Tuesday that shows registered voters choosing Obama 52 percent of the time, compared to 38 percent for John McCain.

The survey, conducted Oct. 16-19, found that white evangelicals are still likely to vote for McCain–67 percent of the time. For the first time since Pew started surveying people about the candidates, white mainline protestants are more likely to vote Obama–48 percent lean toward him, and 43 percent toward McCain. Black protestant voters are overwhelmingly supporting Obama–94 percent plan to vote for him. White Catholics are also leaning to the Democratic candidate, 49 percent say they’ll choose Obama and 41 percent say McCain. 66 percent of those unaffiliated with religion say they’ll vote for Obama.

Among those surveyed, many still continue to doubt Obama’s experience. Others question McCain’s age and say his campaign has been too critical of Obama.

In related news, I’m working on a story about young voters of faith. If you’re 18-25 and plan to vote and want to talk about how your faith–or lack of–will affect your voting, please contact me: 540/735-1973 or