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A couple of religion stories in the news right now. First, an interesting feature from CNN, on a topic I’ve wanted to explore for a long time, the segregation of churches.

And Joel Osteen’s wife Victoria is due in court today for a trial stemming from an argument in a plane. A flight attendant filed a civil suit against the evangelist’s wife. The flight attendant said Victoria Osteen pushed and elbowed her after an argument erupted over a stain on the first-class seat. Sharon Brown wants damages and money for counseling. The Federal Aviation Administration already fined Victoria Osteen for the incident. Interestingly, when polling the potential jurors for the civil trial, many said they admired celebrity evangelists like the Osteens and others said they didn’t like televangelists.

Also, a lawyer for Jim Adkisson, the suspect in the Knoxville church shooting case, said his client is looking at an insanity plea. The shooting killed two and wounded six. One of the wounded remains in the hospital, according to an Associated Press story.