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Finding a religion for Obama

OK, whenever I try to embed video from The Colbert Report, it tells me it’s not available, even though it still is, so I have to give you a link. Stephen Colbert starts a new feature to help Barack Obama find a new religion. Here is the first installment, where Colbert shares info on Hinduism.

Obama left Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, his longtime church, after contraversy over the congregation’s pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Another clergyman, this time a Catholic priest, made news again when he mocked Hillary Clinton during a sermon. Snippets of the homily sparked angry comments and cries for the priest to be fired.

 Cathleen Falsani, religion columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times has some interesting coverage of that priest, the Rev. Michael Pfleger, on her blog. Her reports include a transcript of Pfleger’s sermon and an interview with the priest. It really gave me some different insight into the whole episode, and it’s in-depth coverage we don’t often see when it comes to religion and politics.