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Prayer ideas

Tomorrow is the National Day of Prayer. Here are some ideas on prayer from a website:


  • Start a Family Prayer Journal. Make sure you date your prayer requests

    then have a column for "answered prayer" to see how and when the Lord

    answered your prayer.

  • Make sure you check your local newspaper or Church bulletin to see where

    your local community will be holding services for The National Day of

    Prayer 2008.

  • Make a Prayer Basket for yourself. Here are a few suggestions: Your

    Bible; Notepad and pen/pencil; box of tissue; your Prayer Journal;

    index cards; You might consider giving one to others as a gift.

  • Write some or all of your prayer requests on a note card and carry it

    with you. Then when you have to wait in line or for an appointment just

    pull it out to remind you what you can pray for. That way your time

    won’t be wasted and you will feel like you are doing something

    worthwhile too. You can post individual prayer requests on index

    cards and then put them in strategic places to remind you to pray.

    On the mirror in your bathroom, on the fridge or on a chair for example.

  • Write out Bible Verses about Prayer and memorize them.
  • Memorize the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Use the waiting time to pray for the person right in front of you. Pray

    for the cashier while you are waiting in a long line or the people

    in front of you or behind you.

  • Stuck in traffic or at a red light? Pray for the people in the car

    in front of you.

  • Is your doctor running late AGAIN? Pray for him/her and the nurses.

    Pray for the patient they are taking care of while you wait.