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Time to Beef Up on the Commandments

How well do you know the Ten Commandments?

A recent study found that more Americans can name the ingredients in the Big Mac than can list the rules God gave in the Old Testament. Perhaps it’s because McDonalds has a catchier jingle. The survey–done by Kelton Research to coincide with the Oct. 19 release of the movie “The Ten Commandments”–shows 80 percent of those polled know that the popular fast-food staple contains two all-beef patties.

Fewer than half knew seven of the commandments.

Slightly more than half (six out of 10) knew that not killing was one of them.

The Kansas City Star reports that  in man on the street interviews, most people could name all four Beatles but not a single commandment.

So is it time we put the commandments to music?

By the way, if you want to know more about the animated film, which so far is not scheduled to be released in the Fredericksburg area, you can visit its website here.  The site includes challenges and materials to help individuals, families and houses of worship learn the commandments.