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Tattoo Night

Just wanted to remind everyone about the open mic night at Salem Fields Community Church tomorrow night at 7 p.m. You can show up at Rubicon, the cafe at the church, and talk about your tattoos. Or just hear some interesting stories. I won’t be there. I’m in San Antonio this week, attending the Religion Newswriters Association’s annual convention. I’ve spent the past two days, learning about religion and politics. It’s been really interesting so far, and I’m learning a lot. I also got to pray in the country’s oldest church during my morning jog today.

Also, the polls have said Americans are more likely to vote for a Muslim than a Mormon. I wonder if a new survey just released by Pew will have any affect on that. It shows people are having more negative attitudes toward Muslims and slightly more positive attitudes toward Mormons. Not surprisingly, people are more likely to have a positive attitude if they know someone in that faith. Words most commonly associated with Mormons include “polygamy” and “family.”