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Hillary’s Faith

Mother Jones Magazine has a story about Hillary Clinton’s faith, mainly focusing on a secretive Washington prayer group. It’s pretty long, and I was going to try and sum it up for those of you who don’t feel like reading the whole thing. But one of my frustrations as a religion reporter is that faith isn’t really something you can boil down to 20 inches of copy. For most of us, it’s pretty complicated and deserves a lot of space. Some of the comments at the bottom of the Mother Jones story question the validity of some of it. And Clinton didn’t comment for it. So I don’t know how accurate the secret faith group is. But the information about Clinton’s early faith is pretty interesting and shows a struggle between political and religious beliefs. Perhaps if reporters were to explore more politicians’ faith in-depth, we’d discover a lot more of those struggles.

And if you want some more religion stories from Mother Jones, here you go. They’re a little old but still intriguing.