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Discussing religion, spirituality and values. Amy Umble is the religion reporter for The Free Lance-Star. You can email her at
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Polite Conversation

It’s one of two topics people with manners are never supposed to talk about. But religion doesn’t sit in the pews waiting for the Sabbath. Faith is showing up in our movie theaters, tvs, voting booths, schools, workplaces and stores. Let’s talk about it.

That’s what I hope to do here in this blog. I’ll post updates on faith both locally and around the world. And I’ll let you know about projects I’m working on for The Free Lance-Star, so you can participate.

Thanks, and I look forward to chatting with you.

Faith updates:

Retailer Wal-Mart gets religious — toys, that is: Early next month, 425 Wal-Mart stores nationwide will begin carrying faith-based toys from One2believe that target parents who would rather that their kids play with a Samson action figure than a Spider-Man action figure.  (Source: USAtoday)

Mormons in Congress not flocking to Romney’s side: 4 of 16 have endorsed him in presidential race:  (Source: Deseret News)